The Fiat Company was formed in 1899, starting out with a small workforce with fewer than 40 employees. Within 10 years, this small company in Turin was producing over 1200 motorcars a year with a workforce of around 2550. The man responsible for this remarkable turnaround was Giovanni Agnelli. Agnelli gained inspiration from his frequent visits to America and began to build Europe’s largest factory in Turin.

Today, Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino or FIAT factory is a famous Turin landmark.

Early on in its history, Fiat started an export drive. In 1908, cars were being built under license in New York. By the 1990’s, Fiat cars would be produced in over 22 countries. Over the years Fiat has taken under its wing great motoring names, including amongst others, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari and Maserati.

In 1957, the Fiat 500 was introduced, with many motoring manufacturers scorning this silly looking tiny car. Fiat, however, knew better, for its aim was solely to produce a car for the masses.
Fiat 500 Auto

In 1966, Fiat launched its 124 Spider, arguably Italy’s most successful sportscar ever. This success was undoubtedly deserved. The 124 Spider's performance and handling was way ahead of its competitors, with a Pininfarina body design and a superb in-line four engine. With a production run of almost 20 years and 200,000 cars built, the 124 Spider tells its own story. Over the years various engine sizes have been available, ranging from 1438cc to 1995cc.

Since the inception of the automobile, many manufacturers have fallen by the wayside. Fiat, however, has manufacturing motorcars for over one hundred years now, and still remains one of the most successful car producing companies in existence.

Fiat has a substantial following in North America, with various clubs organizing yearly events to celebrate the cars they love.

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